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  • this is an awesome composition
    SSH @ 26 Dec 2005 08:44 pm
  • tres belles couleurs
    babylonezoo @ 07 Jan 2007 04:11 pm
  • I read your post and wished I'd wrttien it
    Natalya @ 11 Dec 2015 12:36 am
  • OMG what a cutie!!! Isn't having a dog the best?!?!?! Hours of entertainment.All of the food looks delicious. Especially that cake! When you bake cakes or lots of sweets do you take them to school? I find it so hard to have sweets in the house =). More power to you if you can.
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  • No one suggests to use gas to produce all energy. So what should this calculation be good for? To make a questionable headline?Serious experts suggest to replace coal with natural gas. Now, please make a useful calculation and give us these numbers.
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  • I simply love pies, cakes, desserts - anything sweet really - with the taste of lime or lemon. It balances the sugary sweetness in a nice way. Feels fresh, and almost healthy... (fooling myself again ;-)).
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  • Anon-GooberStop dribbling fool.What Republican would lose ANYWHERE if they got 30% of the black vote?The Repubs in Maryland either sat out or voted for the white Democrat rather than vote for a black at the top of the ticket.
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  • Hi there Gillian!I love the “coffee” dates analogy! You really put some thought behind that one, I really appreciate when you share your thoughts with our readers Gillian. Thanks so much!Shilonda Downing
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  • Permita-me que lhe diga, cara Dra. Margarida Aguiar, gosto muito do que segue: "O seu gesto fez-me lembrar a história do colibri que, com o maior empenho, voava entre o lago e a floresta incandescente, procurando, com a água que levava no bico, ajudar a apagar o incêndio…"
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  • In the complicated world we live in, it's good to find simple solutions.
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  • Hahahaha. I'm not too bright today. Great post!
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